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Use GilaPad to write notes, integrate content from etextbooks and popular websites, conduct research, watch videos, and share study materials with friends. All at once. All in one place.

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Head back to school with the latest technology at your fingertips. GilaPad is the ultimate digital content hub, streamlining your notes, etextbooks, and popular web content in one interactive place.

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Note taking will never be the same with GilaPad at your fingertips. Easily take notes, capture digital information, and drag and drop videos and content into one versatile, multifunctional platform.

Integrate web content into your notes

Improve your learning capabilities by accessing online resources, such as YouTube and Wikipedia, and integrating content with your customized notes.

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Northeastern University

"The collaboration features are my favorite. With GilaPad's share and chat functions, I can brainstorm with my group members in real time making contribution and teamwork effortless."

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Suffolk University

"I like the ease of GilaPad! The platform's navigation and design are so simple, and its powerful ability to combine all my study resources is unlike anything else available. It meets my study needs and beyond."

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Northeastern University

"It's the easiest way to take, share, and revise notes whether in group projects or in class. It allows my classmates and I to really get a deep understanding of the material as well as make sure we all understand the material."